Sunday, February 21, 2016

Arrived in Rwanda!

What a long but exciting 24 hours! This is the first time I've had good wifi connection since we left so here's a short update on our travels so far:

Our first flight left Chicago around 9:15pm and 10 hours later we landed in Istanbul, Turkey.  Many of us tried to sleep most of the time, but as you probably know, sleeping on planes is not the most comfortable.  After landing in Istanbul, we had roughly two hours before our next flight, spent mostly sleeping and talking.  At around 5:45pm Istanbul time, our next flight departed for Kigali, Rwanda.  My favorite part of the flight was looking out the window during dinner as we flew over the city lights of Cairo, Egypt.  That's such a cool thought to me!  We're thousands of feet over Cairo, Egypt! Eating dinner! Wow. We landed in Kigali around 11:30pm and it took a good hour and a half to get through customs and collect our luggage.  Thankfully, all the luggage made it through.  

We took three taxis from the Kigali Airport to the cutest hotel called Inside Afrika where we spent the remainder of the night before leaving today for the Congo, and where I am sitting now as I write this.  Let me tell you: Driving in Rwanda is not like driving in the U.S.  It's like a free for all on the roads, and for some reason makes more sense to drive right down the middle of two lanes than it does to stay in one lane…I don't know why.  But, we made it safely!  I have to say, I was a little concerned about what a hotel in Rwanda would be like, but I love it here!  It's very protected, clean, and there's even a pool.  It sits on the side of a large hill, and looks out into the valley below.  It's gorgeous, but of course a picture doesn't do it justice.  It was such a relief to take a shower this morning as well after so many hours of traveling.  

We're now eating breakfast at the hotel and getting ready to head out for the three hour drive to Goma, DRC.  I'll try and upload some pictures of the journey later today or tomorrow depending on the wifi situation.  

Bye for now!

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